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PEAK 45 Lagree Training

April 25, 2022 3 min read

PEAK 45 Lagree Training

Athletic Performance Training: Springs vs. Weights

A new workout sweeping the country is performed on a spring-based tension machine called the Megaformer. It’s not Pilates, it’s called Lagree, and in Utah Peak|45 is about to open its 3rd location, with the goal of its members not just looking good but improving their athletic performance in the mountains!

When it comes to strength training, weights are the most commonly used tool, but not the only tool. The Lagree fitness practice utilizes spring based resistance, instead of weights and dumbbells, because of the variable tension which allows for a greater range of motion, improved mobility, and is more forgiving on joints and soft tissue.

On a Lagree Megaformer machine, there are multiple platforms, handlebars, cables, and a moving carriage. The resistance is controlled by “light load” springs (the color yellow) and “heavy load” springs (that are red). One yellow spring, when stretched to its full capacity, can give you up to seven pounds of resistance. A red spring, when stretched to its full capacity, can give you up to sixty pounds of resistance. As you push or pull on the spring, you progressively get more resistance; as the spring is stretched out, the spring resistance goes up, as the spring is relaxed, the spring resistance goes down. When resistance goes up or down with your range of motion, it is known as “variable resistance" or "elastic tension.” This is different from free weights which always provide the same amount of resistance: a five pound dumbbell will always give you five pounds of resistance - regardless of where it's at in your range of motion. Working with free weights and dumbbells create what we call static resistance or tension.

The variable tension as provided by the Megaformer is ideal for muscles and connective tissue as it allows the body to stay in peak muscle contraction (called “time under tension”) throughout entire range of motion. Variable tension prevents any excessive stress on the joints and connective tissue, making it the perfect source of tension available on the market today. Dumbbells do not have this ability. As a result, we often prioritize movement over position to overcompensate for the lack of elasticity in the tension, therefore increasing the risk for injury and minimizing our potential for more functional movement and strength gains.

Strength training using springs as resistance is not only safer on joints and connective tissues, but also more effective for muscular development as it allows you to stay longer in the "set.” The spring increases your time under tension which is the main body building technique used in the Lagree method. This technique of time under tension allows us to more effectively mimic sport – calling upon the entire body to perform vs. exercises that focus on one muscle just to build that specific muscle and increase its strength capacity alone. Exercises like those performed at Peak|45, train movements and positions that require full body synergistic connectivity. The same kind of connectivity required to run, bike, hike, swim, ski, snowboard, rock climb, and even make walking up and down stairs or picking up your kids easier.

Peak|45 is training bodies to perform both in fitness and in life. To learn more about spring based resistance training and to book a class, visit

PROBAR is pleased to support PEAK|45 with their anniversary in Park City.

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