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Trails Foundation of Northern Utah

May 11, 2022 2 min read

Trails Foundation of Northern Utah

PROBAR is pleased to support the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU). 

TFNU is a non profit that builds and maintains non-motorized trails in Northern Utah. A few of their objectives are: 

ENCOURAGE outdoor recreation and active transportation for personal well-being;

ENABLE everyone to travel safely without the use of personal motor vehicles;

PROTECT and PRESERVE public access to trailheads, mountains, rivers, open spaces, and public lands.

EDUCATE, ADVOCATE and RAISE AWARENESS for proper trail etiquette for all trail users

CREATE community pride as neighbors interact and come to appreciate their natural environment.



Using trails is a great way to get out and recreate. If these trails don’t get constant maintenance, over time, they will fall apart. 

With the beautiful terrain we have in Utah, we have a good trail system, but we can always want more! More trails can create a safer and better experience for different trail users. Utah has one of the largest high school mountain bike league in the country, those kids need a place to be able to safely practice.



During the COVID pandemic, there has been an influx of new trail users. The most important thing new users can do is educate themselves about trail etiquette. Learning how to be a respectful trail user is a great way to enhance everyones experience!

Here are three easy trail tips:

  1. Be Nice, say Hi!
  2. Don’t ride or run on muddy trails
  3. Have fun!

Donations at are the easiest way for people to get involved, participation at some of the volunteer trail dig days is also a great way to give back and help your local outdoor community!