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Tricks and Treats - Let The (Healthy) Holiday Snacking Begin

October 15, 2018 2 min read

Tricks and Treats - Let The (Healthy) Holiday Snacking Begin

Hold on to your appetites, folks…Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 12.45.20 PMFace-painted and candy bar-wielding, Halloween marks the beginning of a four-month marathon of temptation.  It starts with “Fun sized” treats in plastic jack-o-lanterns, leading us to pumpkin pie, ramping up with sugar cookies and holiday parties, and finishing with lots of heart shaped chocolate.  The next four months are some of the most sugar-filled of the year!While I am not one to call any food “bad” (Portions and frequency, though, sure!), not all treats are created equal when we consider their nutritional value and overall quality.We all know PROBAR makes the most nutritious, wholesome, organic bars out there. Made from real, recognizable ingredients with no nonsense.  On top of all of that, they are out-of-hand delicious and designed to nourish our active lifestyles.Simple.But with Halloween coming, so too will more and more bowls of the standard, over-processed, under-nourishing temptations.  Like zombies we snack, mindless and insatiable…Rather not go down with the candy-apocalypse?Check out PROBAR’s Bite Bars. With only 4g of natural sugar, and PROBAR’s organic, plant-based approach to deliciousness, these take ‘fun-size’ bars to another level.Let’s compare:


PROBAR Bite Bars


Nature Valley Granola Bar


4g, all natural

21g, all added and refined, high fructose corn syrup invasion

11g, Envision a swarm of white sugar, like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds…


7g, from nuts, seeds, and organic oils

11g, from lowest grade vegetable oil

7g of canola oil


5g, from fruit and nuts


2g, still doesn’t balance out the sugar swarm…






Organic, natural, minimally processed, no synthetic preservatives

Processed and preserved… Like Frankenstein.

More ‘real,’ but covered in refined sugar and preservatives


PROBAR Bite Bars are the nutritionally conscious alternative to the zombie-invasion of the processed, conventional “treats” we associate with Halloween.  They are naturally delicious, packed with whole foods, and balanced to satisfy your sweet-tooth while supporting your health-conscious lifestyle. Though we are entering the holiday best known for dress up and make believe, choose the real stuff for your Bite-sized treats. The long and short of it: choose consciously, consider nourishment, follow your taste