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Why Nut Butters?

May 19, 2017 3 min read

Why Nut Butters?

I know there are quite a few of you who will be drooling at your keyboards while reading this post... because #NutButter! SurroundYourselfWithPB

  If you've been around my neck of the InterWebs for any extended period of time you probably have seen my love for . For long runs I almost exclusively fuel with their  (strawberry is my flavor of choice) and the hubby and I always have their bars on hand for pre-workout nutrition (we love  for this), mid-afternoon snacks ( are a perfect option) or even as a meal replacement (hence the ).
You see,  creates delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products. They strive to be the leading provider of REAL FOOD choices, always maintaining their commitment to quality, sustainability and fantastic taste. Their ingredients are plant-based, coming from sustainable sources which have a small impact on the earth and a significant and positive impact on our bodies. I mean, what's not to love?! 
Well, a few months back  introduced their newest product line... Wait for it... A spreadable option... <drum roll please>... NUT BUTTERS - and all was made right with the world (okay, okay, it didn't solve any major crises, but if any food product could, I'd put my money on nut butters being able to help the world find peace and love). They are taking Nut Butter to a whole new level with organic nuts, delicious super foods and incredible, spreadable flavor perfection.

And lucky for me, loves me enough to send me a care package full of the new product to scarf down!

Now, let me preface this review by fessing up and saying that this post isn't going to have a ton of pictures of us enjoying the product for a few reasons. First, if you love nut butter you know that although it tastes delicious, it can be less than photogenic (#BrownPileOfGoo). Next, if you love nut butter you know it is hard to resist eating it immediately, which means you don't always get a "before" picture (#BadBlogger). With that said, hopefully you'll still follow along and let your imagination fill in some of the blanks.
The hubby and I devoured the packages that  kindly sent us. We used them for nut butter and jelly sandwiches, as a dip for apples, solo for pre- and post-run fuel, in "nice-cream" (what we call our fake ice cream that we make using frozen bananas as the base), with bananas, etc.
There are 10 flavors in the current : , , , , , , , ,  and . They are ALL DELISH!
I think my favorite non-traditional flavor (not only do they offer your standard Peanut or Almond Butters {with or without caffeine}, but they offer some other awesome choices as well) was either the  or . They sort of reminded me of having your nut butter and jelly all in one.
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A nut butter and banana sandwich (especially one that tastes like it already has jelly on it) is definitely a MUST!
  The hubby preferred the  (he's a purist at heart) but also inhaled  in his "nice cream".
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We make "nice cream" with a banana and a half (frozen), plus one packet of Nut Butter and about 1/3 cup of almond milk.
  We both gave these nut butters two thumbs WAY up! The individual packaging is convenient (we've taken them on camping trips and it's been perfect) and a great way to make sure you are eating the appropriate serving size (because, let's be real, if I had it in a jar I'd probably be half way through before I realized I needed to put the spoon down).   PS If you want to profess your love of nut butter to the world, there are some cute shirts out you should check out.
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Which flavor most intrigues you in the PROBAR® Nut Butter line?