Blown Up RV’s and Bouldering in Seattle

September 26, 2008

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 This is the latest from our man on the road, Luke Evans, as he spreads the good word about PROBAR® while traveling the continent. He’s reporting from Seattle, Washington.

I arrived at the Beautiful Blue Sky RV Park to find that an RV parked in the spot next to where we were supposed to park had BLOWN-UP!

Seriously, the park manager said it was all caused by a Pop-Tart in the toaster. I am very glad that my schedule didn’t permit me being here for that as the PROBAR® RV would have certainly caught fire!

Burned down and blown up - all from a Pop-Tart.  Should of had a PROBAR instead

It has been an exciting couple of weeks to say the least. Jason and I were fortunate enough to take a tour through the Starbucks Corporate Headquarters and do a Coffee/Tea tasting. They were very hospitable and it was interesting to hear their history as a company that has grown to where it is now……they’re everywhere!

Art and I did several events for REI (Recreation Equipment Inc) including a sampling at the Distribution Center and Corporate Headquarters. It was great to meet the peeps who make the REI gears turn and talk to them about PROBAR®.

My escape from the RV park this past weekend brought me to the small Bavarian town of Leavenworth. I had heard about this place from my friend Jeremy Park who works for Outdoor Research.He was traveling there with some friends so I lucked out in having a guide for all things bouldering and also some of the great food spots in town. (Including the Munchen “Bratwurst” Haus that actually had a delicious Vegan Brat).

Bouldering session near Leavenworth, Washington

We had an awesome time exploring the different bouldering areas and wearing down our fingertips until we couldn’t climb anymore. I will definitely be going back to Leavenworth to finish up some projects.

Next time I go, my partner in climb and soon to be wife (Amanda) will be with me…..can’t wait!

Bouldering session near Leavenworth, Washington

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  1. Monte Paul Evans

    Another adventure, in the life of the wanderer, just like that guy in the Kung Fu show, that traveled the earth in search of truth and knowledge, spreading the word of honesty and integrity, yeah you be just like that guy, so therefore another one ” Remember grasshopper, it is better to stay with the tried and true , that that sustains and nourishes, that that will fullfill and satisfy (ie.. super slam, original blend) than to experiment with placing sugar in a toaster ”
    Can’t wait for the next adventure, tell Amanda Hello from the ancient one.

  2. Lindsay

    Wow…you were lucky to not have been in the spot next to that RV! Good thing you eat yummy ProBars instead of pop-tarts! -Looks like your bouldering spot was very cool. I am sure Amanda is excited to travel through such pretty countryside with you!

  3. Silly Monkey

    Glad you did not catch fire. WE miss you. The rocks look fun. Hi Amanada and Max!!
    Averianna and Sarah

  4. Luke – thanks for joining us in Leavenworth. We are thrilled to offer such great rock climbing and bouldering here and look forward to your return! Truly, The Chamber

  5. P Dizz

    Luke. Did you sabaotage the poptart RV? I bet ProBars don’t blow up in toasters! Keep up to good work (i.e. sabotage)