Brittany, the Kids and PROBAR®

March 15, 2007

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Brittany, the kids and PROBAR® – 3 peas in a pod, right? Well, not exactly but there we were in March 1st’s New York Daily News in a regular column called Ask Dr. Belisa where she recommended PROBAR® for an easy on the go healthy snack that is rich in raw foods. Plus you don’t have to keep a tuperware of carrots and nuts in your bag all day.

When asked how it felt to share some real estate with Brit, PROBAR’s president Jules Lambries replied, “We’re not letting it go to our heads…but did you see that picutre of Brittany? Boy she looks like she could use a Koka Moka right about now!” Always the optimist.rittany and Probar in the New York Daily News

So, yea, we’re tight with Brit…sort of. Now if we can just get her to cut back on the partying and try a few PROBAR’s instead, perhaps it will help her get back into shape and out of the depression funk. C’mon girl, you know you can!

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