Non-GMO Food Labeling and How to Get Involved

November 1, 2014

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This is our last installment of GMOs 101 and where you can find out how to help in the efforts of getting GMOs labeled on products. It is our right to know what we are eating! Check out our earlier posts on Why Do Non-GMOs Matter To Me? and 3 Reasons Why You May Be Eating And Wearing GMOs.

What Can You Do?

Right To Know and Just Label It are organizations that are paving the way to get GMOs labeled through policy change. By working through marches, rallies, petitions, social media, and targeted outreach campaigns, there are many ways YOU can get involved to get GMOs labeled on food products. One of the fastest and most effective way we as individuals can help, is to write our state senators and representatives and ask that GMOs get labeled. On the Right To Know website, it has a very helpful and interactive map where you can click on your state and quickly email your state senators/representatives with two clicks of the mouse. Easy as pie.

GMO State Map

Do we have anyone from Oregon or Colorado? You lucky people actually get to vote on a bill in your state on November 4 to decide whether GMO labeling will happen. In Oregon, say YES on 9!.  In Colorado, say YES on 105!

To check the status on your state, click here.

Now that you are all educated on GMOs and why it is important to have labeling, take action!  Email and voice your opinion through social media. Also remember, we don’t only vote at the polls but with our dollar as well!