PROBAR® at the Canadian Death Race

August 25, 2009

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Last weekend in Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada, 1,100 elite racers from all over the world came together to in compete one of the worlds toughest adventure races, The North Face Canadian Death Race.

Delena Angrignon, Director of Canadian Operations for PROBAR® Canada, and her husband Russ Angrignon, took part in the event. Congratulations to Delena, who finished 3rd in her category of 40-49 out of 21 racers!

“This race is an amazing test of endurance that has cultivated a loyal following,” says Angrignon. “The entire community comes out to watch and support, which is truly inspiring to all who participate.”

Athletes, who entered into the race, ran non-stop for 125km (75 miles) over rough mountain trails, through pristine forests, over ragged, rocky and seemingly endless terrain. They journeyed over three different mountain summits, gaining over 17,000 feet in elevation and then crossed over a major river by raft, running part of the race in the dark.

Whole food, meal replacement bar company PROBAR®, that recently debuted in Canada and was a sponsor of the race. PROBAR® provided 2,100 bars for each participant. PROBARs were also available at the aid stations. Participants were impressed by the great taste and are eagerly looking to be able to purchase them.


Currently PROBARs can be purchased at MEC and a few smaller stores in Canada.

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  1. Luker

    Wow!……….2,100 bars for each Participant?
    They should be Stocked up for a Good while ;-)))

  2. Amanda

    Go Delena and Russ! 3rd place is AWESOME and impressive!

  3. Ashley

    You Strawberry Fruition in amazing!