Coffee Fest Seattle

November 23, 2007

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A couple weeks ago Jules, Jason and I went to Seattle to the Coffee Fest show. Ironically none of us actually drink coffee. While we all love the ambiance of a coffee shop we’re not partakers of the black gold. I was on the hunt for chocolate covered coffee beans but was unsuccessful in my meager efforts due the PROBAR® booth being a hot spot of activity.Coffe Fest Logo

Coffee Fest is held in three different locations each year – Washington D.C., Seattle and Hawaii. As the name indicates it a convention about all things coffee. If you are a coffee shop owner or know someone that is interested in opening a coffee shop these shows are not to be missed. There were all sorts of brewing machinery, roasting companies, suppliers, folks like PROBAR® (although we were in a league of our own) and some fantastic Italian gelato.

Why was PROBAR® at Coffee Fest this year and not last? We should have figured it out sooner. (Sorry Joe) PROBAR® has recently been showing up in a few specialty coffee shops across the country and the reception has been fantastic. (feedback article from some coffee shops) And thanks to a tip from one of those coffee shop owners we found ourselves scrambling to make it to Coffee Fest Seattle.

So how was the show? The fact that I’m blogging about it should tell you that it was a huge success. It was fantastic to meet shop owners from all over the country who were excited about offering their customers PROBAR®. There was even one coffee shop owner from Yemen who also showed interest in selling PROBAR®. Of the hundreds of people we met each day only a few had ever tried PROBAR®, showing that we have plenty of work to do.

We sampled 3 flavors, Koka Moka, Whole Berry Blast and Art’s Original. I don’t recall anyone who didn’t like at least one of the 3 flavors with most of them enjoying all three. I definitely saw many shop owners turning to their partners or friends and commenting, “mmm, that’s really good”.

If you’ve got a favorite independently owned coffee shop that isn’t carrying PROBAR® yet, give them a nudge or comment below with the shop name and location. We’ll do our best to get PROBAR’s in their shop soon.

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  1. erica keller

    I saw you guys there…
    Im Erica from Bakers Breakfast Cookies…
    You guys, ( Jules, and another man whos name is escaping me, I assume its Jason since hes listed above :) gave me my first Probar. I was a little hesitant to try it, considering the fact I dont like raisens, but I tried it and loved it! Ive been tying to find them here in Bellingham. but without much luck. Any suggestions? Keep up the great work!

  2. Jason

    Erica – Glad you liked the bar! Jules and I were just in Bellingham this last weekend. You can find PROBAR at several locations in Bellingham including REI, The Black Drop Coffee, Bargainica, and The Co-Op among others. The Black Drop is our newest so if you are in their area (300 West Champion) maybe buy one from them :)

  3. Kendall

    @ Erica – Actually it was me (kendall) who gave you those bars but Jules and Jason are a close second and third. ;-) Since they are from Bellingham I asked Jason to comment here with the best spot for you to get some bars. In the meantime you could also check out our store locator

    Thanks for the feedback on the bars!