Superberry and Greens 12-pack

Superberry & Greens has a rich, healthful greens blend with alfalfa, wheat and barley grass blended with blueberries and brown rice crisps to keep your tummy begging for more.

    • 3 oz. bar (12ct)
    • Certified Gluten Free
    • Made with Organic Ingredients
    • 10g Protein
    • 6g Fiber
    • 370 Calories
    • Non-GMO Project Certified

Contains: Almonds, Cashews, Wheat

*Nutrition and ingredient facts shown here may differ from what you find in stores. Please refer to the actual packaging for current information for this product. 

Quality Ingredients

Customer Reviews

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Refreshingly good

The bars have a nice flavor. The ingredients seem to work well together and taste great. I has a light taste, even though it is a very satisfying meal. They are one of my favorites, for quick breaks while hiking.

Michael F.
A great simple bar.

Great nutrition when on the trail. Very digestible with less sugar then other bars. Excellent texture without sticking to your teeth. My favorite bar at the moment.

julie m.
Super Delicious!*

I was actually surprised at how delicious and satisfying this bar is. I appreciate having it available as a meal when I am on the go.

Jan D.
Good food on the bike

Good substantial go-to food for cycling. I've been relying on probars for years for randonneurring events from single day to multi-day outings.

Nice & simple

These vitamin-rich meals have gotten me through some of the most difficult times on photographic assignments, and most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When there are situations that exist outside of one's ability to plan with any accurate foresight, ProBar makes an excellent mix of healthy, balanced, nutrient-complex food that does not spoil in any of the global climates I have been fortunate to witness.

Oh, and wow, these meals actually taste really nice. If you choose chew the food very slowly it digests far better. By rationing, and mixing these with plenty of clear water, a stable of local probiotics, honey, some Emergen-C, or Airbourne, you may likely be able to stay afloat on very little else for a long time.

I'm no expert, yet I'm told three weeks without food is humanly possible for some individuals, albeit difficult by many developing world standards. If you plan accordingly, you'll be able to provide for others in the field while carrying very little else in the manner of travel food.

The nice thing about the ProBar packaging is that it can be carefully washed, disinfected, and utilized for storage if resealed properly. Thank you kindly, ProBar for always being reliable during difficult times! Greetings from Vermont.

Laura B.

Delicious, filling, nutritious. I'm a visiting nurse and these bars are my fuel to get through the day.

Sigh O.
Never get tired of them

Been using these on triathlon trainings for a few years now, and I've never gotten tired of them. Happy they're organic and not filled with soy protein. I could go for a little less suger/sweetener, but it's never been enough to keep me away.

Sarah M.
Delicious and satisfying

I love these bars. They are sweet but not too much so, and the texture feels satisfying and filling. These are a go to for me on busy days!

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