Christine Donaldson

PROBAR® Ambassador
From: San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, California
Focus: Skiing, Fitness, Wilderness Adventure

I began skiing at age 4 and it has since become one of my greatest passions in life. I raced for many years but my family emphasized the rewards in deep powder and steep terrain.

During my growth as a skier I also fell in love with music. These passions conflicted most of my life, always playing tug-of-war, until I let them fall in sync a few years ago.

Now my music and skiing influence each other and take part in a beautiful cycle of give-and-take, where I can adventure in nature’s gifts and show gratitude with my heart’s song.

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When Not Adventuring

I’m playing music! I love being onstage with my guitar just as much as I love being on the mountain.


I want to advance my backcountry skills and log more airtime on skis this season. I also want to grow my outdoor adventure blog, The Gear Gal. Last but not least, I want to record and release my first official full length album, and feature some of the songs in my own ski edits.

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