We view our sponsorship program as bringing another friendly face into the PROBAR family and hope that before you consider PROBAR sponsorship, you already have a passion for our wholesome, real food products. We prefer to develop mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with events and individuals. Please consider your willingness to commit to this type of relationship before applying.

Though we would like to sponsor everyone that submits an application and we make an effort to be as generous as possible, we must make concerted efforts with specific criteria in order to make the biggest impact. Additionally, PROBAR sponsorship support will arrive to you in the form of “in-kind” product support rather than cash funds. Honestly, we think our products rank right up there with cash, and taste a whole lot better. We hope you agree.

All accepted applicants will be notified by email. We make every effort to notify all applicants, but due to the high volume of sponsorship requests we receive, we may not be able to notify every denied applicant.

Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorship Minimum Qualifications

  • Requests for sponsorship must be submitted at least 90 days before the event date
  • Request is for an in-kind donation
  • Type of event involves: running, cycling, snow sports, climbing, natural foods, music or community-based
  • Request must be submitted through our sponsorship inbox, sponsorships@theprobar.com
  • Request email should cover the basics: who, what, where, when and why PROBAR, as well as outline the benefits we’ll receive in sponsoring your event.

Minimum Terms of Event Sponsorship

  • Recognition as event sponsor with PROBAR logo on event website and on all printed material
  • Display PROBAR signage and banners during event
  • 2 social media shout-outs with link back to our website
  • PROBAR shout-out in pre- and post-race emails to participants/attendees

Event Sponsorship FAQs

How do I apply for event sponsorship?
All sponsorship requests MUST be sent to sponsorships@theprobar.com
When should I apply for event sponsorship?
The earlier the better, but certainly no more than a year in advance. Event applications received less than 90 days prior to the event date will not be considered due to the high volume of applications we receive. The best time frame to apply for sponsorship is 3-6 months before your event.
What type of events does PROBAR sponsor?
We have sponsored many kinds of events, including running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, non-athletic, you name it. However, in order to maintain and deliver an authentic brand image, we focus on events that are centered around our company values of living an active, healthy lifestyle. Events that provide good opportunities for on-site activation will receive special consideration.
My event does not meet the Minimum Qualifications. Will it still be considered?
Yes! The Minimum Qualifications give you an idea of what direction we are taking with sponsorship at the time. Meeting these qualifications will give you a better shot at sponsorship, but we do review all requests submitted.
How often can I apply for sponsorship?
Event sponsorship applications are accepted all year long, but please only submit one application per event.
What happens once my application has been accepted or denied for sponsorship?
All applications are sent directly to our sponsorship team and reviewed on a weekly basis. The process involves: reviewing and sorting the requests, requesting additional information (if needed), notifying accepted/denied applicants, signing a Sponsorship Agreement, and coordinating delivery of product.
How long until I get a response regarding my sponsorship request?
We receive a colossal number of sponsorship requests, resulting in a little bit of a wait for applicants to hear back from us. We have not forgotten about you. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, however, if you do not get a response within 30 days of submitting your application, we were unable to fulfill your request. Accepted applicants will be notified through email or phone call within 30 days of submitting request. Due to the extremely high volume of sponsorship requests we receive, we may not be able to notify every denied applicant.
How competitive are PROBAR sponsorships?
If you are on this site, you already know that PROBAR is a premium product with an extensive following. We have a highly competitive sponsorship program due to the large number of applications we receive on a daily basis and because we prefer to establish lasting relationships with people/events.
Do I need to reapply each year?
Yes! Please reapply each year in order to be considered for that year. If your event has been sponsored in the past, it does not guarantee it will continue to be sponsored. That also means that if your event has previously been denied, you are not permanently out of the running. We welcome your request next year.


Individual Sponsorships

Individual Sponsorship Minimum Qualifications

  • Request for sponsorship must be submitted between October 15 and November 15 for sponsorship in the following year
  • Applicant is social media savvy and posts online regularly to an engaged following
  • Who we sponsor: runners, cyclists, skiers, snowboarders, yogis, climbers, triathletes, and other athletes that fit our brand image. We also sponsor the non-athlete, including: photographers, chefs, foodies bloggers, travelers, writers, moms, dads, teachers, or anyone with a compelling story whose values align with ours and who can help us reach new fans through your personal channels.
  • Request MUST be submitted through our inbox at sponsorships@theprobar.com

Minimum Terms of Individual Sponsorship

  • Recognition as PROBAR-sponsored individual and logo on website and social media
  • PROBAR logo/sticker on race gear or helmet, when applicable
  • 1 year sponsorship
  • Content sharing for PROBAR blog and social media channels
  • PROBAR mentions on your personal blog and social media channels


Who do we sponsor?
We work with professional athletes and teams in the following sports: cycling, mountain biking, running, yoga, snow sports, climbing, and more. Ambassadors tend to be active, healthy, community-based leaders who aren’t necessarily professional athletes but can do well in representing our brand among their peers. We look for social media savvy individuals who have a unique story to share and who seek a mutually beneficial partnership.
What level of support do we offer?
All PROBAR sponsorships are based on in-kind support. At this time we do not offer cash sponsorships. In exchange for a monthly product allowance and promotional support, we expect regular communication, content sharing, engagement with the brand and logo placement/visibility when applicable.
When should I apply?
October 15 – November 15
Applications received outside these dates will not be considered.
How do I apply?
Send an email to Sponsorships@theprobar.com from October 15 – November 15, for sponsorship the following year.
How do I know if I’ve been accepted?
First we will review all applications and determine which applicants make a good potential fit. If you’re deemed a candidate, we will follow up via email within three weeks in order to set up a time to talk on the phone. We do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, however, if you do not get a response within 30 days, we were unable to fulfill your request. Due to the extremely high volume of sponsorship requests we receive, we may not be able to notify every denied applicant.