Customer Question – Why So Much Fat in PROBAR®?

April 25, 2008

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Questions. We love them. Remember how you used to play stump the teacher in school? Ok, so you didn’t play it at your school. Not to worry though cause if you missed out when you were younger we’re always up for a game of “stump PROBAR®”. Truth be told, we’d rather you ask us a question about our bars than be baffled or confused regarding an ingredient, our packaging or anything that’s on your mind regarding healthy foods.

When Marit, a longtime customer from Salt Lake City, Utah sent us the following question I knew that she wasn’t the only one out there wondering this.


“I love your bars. They are the most tasty bars on the market and I can’t help but eat one a day as part of my training. But one thing. why the hell do they need to have 25 grams of fat in each bar? That’s insane! Seriously, I’m all for fat but that’s like a third of what I need in a day all in one bar. Could you help me to ease the mind on this?”

For the answer to this question, which I’ve heard before, I wanted to go to the source. Here’s what Art had to say about it.

Answer from Art: (founder of PROBAR®)

Customer Question - Why So Much Fat in PROBAR?Marit, the answer to this is actually in your question. You state that the fat in a bar is one third of your daily requirement. Of course it is, PROBAR® is a meal replacement bar. If we did not have the fat content where it is, we would be craving fats instead of being satisfied after eating a PROBAR®.

The key here is to provide the balance of fats from all of the different categories required by the body, while eliminating all of the unhealthy trans and hydrogenated fats. If any of the fats required by the body are missing, the body lets us know by giving us RELENTLESS CRAVINGS. This means that if we do not consume all of the different fats required by the body, we will crave everything that is fatty! Which we all know leads to unneeded eating.

The rest of the story is in the healthy sources of fats(nuts and seeds). A PROBAR® supplies a broad spectrum of these healthy fats, several of which are not commonly found in foods.

Additional Info

I was looking at the essentials info page here on our site that also elaborates on this. It gives some additional information related to how these fats from PROBAR® help during exercise.

During extended periods of moderate level exercise (endurance sports) the body conserves vital carbohydrates by metabolizing fats at a more rapid rate than carbs. If the body becomes depleted of carbs it “hits the wall’. Muscles simply cannot function without the presence of carbohydrates.

The PROBAR® supplies a broad spectrum of healthy fats. Poly and mono unsaturates, saturates (yes the body actually requires certain saturated fats), and EFA’S (essential fatty acids more commonly referred to as omega essential fatty acids). Endurance athletes commonly deplete their bodies of these critical nutrients, several of which are not commonly found in foods.

Because the PROBAR® supplies these in abundance, it is not only an excellent tool for use during competition and training, but is also ideal for recovery application also.

Well there you go Marit. I hope that helps answer your question. If you’ve got a question about PROBAR® drop us a line.

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  1. Daisy

    Im actully glad of the fat content. It’s all the good kind of fat that is needed in your everyday diet, and the type that is slowly being weeded out and replaced by the bad stuff or none at all. Go healthy fat!

  2. tj davis

    so you’ve answered the fat question, what about all that sugar! Seems like EVERYTHING has sugar added these days. With all that fruit and chocolate and other good flavors- why so much sugar?
    I just found Pro Bar at REI last week and love them, but I’m really turned off by the sugar everywhere so would probably choose a Larabar instead since it’s fruit sweetened instead of added evaporated cane sugar.
    Just curious! Delicious bars! Great flavor combos.