Dave Kemp – PROBAR® Production Manager

October 3, 2007

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Some guys dream of having the job of “official beer taster” and many of them do their best each weekend to make that dream come true. Dave Kemp on the other hand is the envy of anyone that has ever loved a PROBAR®. As production manager at PROBAR® Dave personally eats a sample from each and every batch, including testing each new flavor that Art can conjure up. Whoever said there isn’t a free [replacement] meal never had Dave’s job.

When he’s not sampling the next batch of PROBAR’s Dave likes to spend time hiking and traveling with Russia being one of his favorite destinations. Big horizons from a guy that grew up in Idaho. After high school Dave attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah. While a student there he picked up a part time job at Mrs Fields and later at Pepperidge Farm. It was while working at Pepperidge Farm that Dave saw an opportunity to become a specialist in production and hasn’t looked back since.

Why did he come to a small whole food meal replacement bar company located in a non discrete warehouse in Heber Utah? “I saw an opportunity to work with a growing company with a product I completely believed in, not to mention it tastes fantastic.” Weather or not it tastes fantastic is now his challenge.

I was able to pull Dave away from making the Superfood Slam bars (that was the flavor he was making the day we met) and ask him about his role at PROBAR®. Some of the highlights I learned about PROBAR® production from our discussion included:

  • Since starting with PROBAR® just over a year ago production has increase 3 times.
  • From production to your local retailer (or online retailer) to you our customer takes about 3 weeks on average. Eating a fresh PROBAR® is critical to Dave.
  • To ensure that all our bars are vegan with no cross contamination an all organic solution is used to clean the production machines and are rinsed with pure water to eliminate any chlorine residue like most food manufacturers do to be in synch with USDA standards.
  • About 70-75% of the ingredients in a PROBAR® are sourced here in the United States. Price isn’t the issue when sourcing ingredients, quality is the determining factor for where Dave will purchase the ingredients.
  • Each manufacturer of our ingredients certifies that they are organic. Nuts and seeds are tough to certify because they quite often have foreign objects. Dave created an in house process to further rid the ingredients of any foreign objects. It’s that important to him.

So next time you’re wondering which flavor of PROBAR® to pick up, know that Dave has gone to great lengths to be sure they are top quality. He’s even tasted the batch that your PROBAR® came from.
Dave Kemp in Russia - his second home

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  1. jeny chipman

    hi there Dave!
    I was just checking in on one of my favorite local products and saw you’re smiling face! Hope all is well at Probar; sounds like a great gig! I actually did tons of tasting when I worked for Great Harvest as the bread & wheat quality person. A little tasting and a sharp palate can go a long way in telling you if everything is just right. You may have heard, but there will soon be no more pretzels here to taste; lots of changes going on. Hope all is well and drop a note sometime! Jeny

  2. Na zdrovyeh (Nastrovia)!

    You must be gallivanting around the globe…give me a call. I have a quote for you.

    Best Regards,
    Cedric Lee
    National Account Manager
    (310) 218-8716

  3. I am seeking a donation for the Everett Mountaineers annual awards banquet on Nov 6th. I am a big fan for Probar. I eat your bars for lunch when I backpack. Would you please donate samples to our banquet. We are an organization made up of volunteers promoting the outdoors, outdoor ed, trails and wilderness, and youth activities. We are expecting 200 at our event. Thanks, David Bliss