Day of the Earth

April 18, 2013

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Written by Deborah Yokshas

Plant a tree.

Ride a bike.

Eat an organic meal.

Go on a hike.

Photo by Susan Yokshas

Photo by Susan Yokshas

With Earth Day on the horizon, we thought it might be helpful to shout out a reminder about how important and essential Earth is because we all want to keep it around a while longer.

Earth Day: two simple words, which demonstrate support for environmental protection. Credited to Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from the cheese (or Badger) state, Earth Day was first recognized in 1970. It has since been recognized by the United Nations in 2009 and national governments in 192 countries. Even without a deep knowledge of the background of the day, one can easily infer that it has something to do with appreciating the earth.

According to a 5-year estimate by the American Community Survey:

0.5% of Americans bike to and from work

10.5% of U.S. residents carpool to work

5% of U.S. residents take public transportation to work

About 36,000 households in the United States rely on solar energy to heat their homes

PROBAR Tastiest Energy Bar

Using organic ingredients is one obvious way PROBAR® reduces its own ecological footprint. The general assumption is that organic foods are healthier. While studies have supported this, some other crucial benefits are sometimes forgotten. Organic farming can potentially yield up to three times as much food as conventional farming on the same space of land and organically grown foods utilize less fossil energy than conventional crops, while non-organic practices release toxins into the soil that can remain for generations.

What does all this mean? We are all very capable of supporting safer, more efficient use of land and preserving the earth we so desperately need.

You have the stats and stories, but what can you do to celebrate Earth Day? Commit to making one small change today to reduce your ecological footprint, whether that might be carpooling to work, riding your bike on sunny days instead of driving (you’ll pay less to fill up your bike with gas than your car), planting a tree in your backyard, or recycling that stash of empty water bottles.

Check out to see what your ecological footprint is and what you can do about it.

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