Why Eating Chocolate Everyday is Good For You

October 28, 2014

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That’s right, chocolate everyday. That is, if you eat it in the right form! There are so many chocolate products out there but a good rule of thumb is the higher the cacao percentage and the fewer additional ingredients included, the more health benefits you’ll get. But what is cacao and what health benefits can you get from it?

Cacao copy
Raw cacao bean.  Photo by: Everjean

Cacao, or cocoa, is the dried and fermented fatty seed of the cacao plant, from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted. They are the basis of chocolate and the higher the percentage of cacao, the more pure the chocolate is. As whole milk or other ingredients are added, the overall cacao content per ounce is reduced while saturated fat levels increase.

Health benefits:

1. Antioxidant flavonoids, present in healthy dark chocolate, have been found to positively impact cardiovascular health.

2. Dark chocolate can help you keep your weight in check.  It has more protein than milk or white chocolate so it can keep you feeling full longer, resulting in less snacking.

3. Studies have found short term benefits in LDL cholesterol levels from dark chocolate consumption.

3. Jeanne Louise Calment lived to the age of 122—the oldest anyone has ever lived. She ate two and a half pounds of dark chocolate per week – Just saying.

If these reasons aren’t enough to indulge on a dark chocolate bar tonight, I don’t know what will! Plain chocolate not your fancy? Try PROBARs Double Chocolate Meal bar or Chocolate Coconut Meal bar today.  You won’t regret it!