Expo East Wellness Challenge

October 16, 2008

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Jules and the PROBAR® crew are currently at Expo East, the east coast version of the Expo West show that we’ve attended each year and where we  of bars.

Happening now, Expo East showcases over 25,000 natural, organic, and healthy products in Boston’s Convention & Exhibition Center.  It’s the largest tradeshow of its kind on the East Coast, so of course PROBAR® is there.

It’s day one and as you can see below everyone is looking energized.  We’ll check in with them after Day 2 to see how they are holding up!

Expo East - PROBAR booth

Wellness Challenge

Pictured below is Jason Lambert of PROBAR® and Terri Trespicio, Senior Editor of Body + Soul Magazine.

Jason presented Terri with the Expo East Wellness Challenge which is a contest hosted by PROBAR® for the media who will wear a pedometer (Jason is holding it) to keep track of how many steps they walk each day during the show.

Jason Lambert of PROBAR with Terri Trespicio, Senior Editor of Body + Soul Magazine at Expo East

After 2 days at the show the editor who takes the most steps each day will win a spa excursion, food coaching session with Art (founder of PROBAR®) and a pair of Vasque cross-over hiking/walking shoes.

It’s not just about making healthy food, but also promoting healthy lifestyle.

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