Finding the Banana

June 27, 2007

Related Topics: What's Inside posted an interesting article a while back that is in essence the goal of the “What’s Inside” category posts. To know more about the type of products and in most cases the source of what is inside of each PROBAR® and give you, the reader, a little more information to chew on.

More and more American consumers are interested in knowing what journey their food, clothing, and other consumer items have taken. Ignorance never was bliss.

The post about a banana tracking program from Dole has started to give consumers a better idea of where the bananas they sell were grown.

So what about our bananas found in the Nutty Banana Boom bar? Our bananas actually arrive at PROBAR® as certified organic banana chips. The bananas originate in Central America and our supplier ensures that the farmers grew them organically and that despite the processing from a banana to banana chips that the product remains organic and fit enough to be used in the PROBAR®. Rest asure the next time you bite into the Nutty Banana Boom PROBAR® that you’ll be eating purely organic bananas along with the rest of the PROBAR® goodness.

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