Hangry Pants PROBAR® Contest

October 27, 2008

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I love bloggers. Then again, as a long time blogger it’s easy to love other bloggers. But when you get to the root of it, bloggers are really just you and me, people sharing thoughts, ideas, insights and other things (sometimes too many things).  But in our case, we share it all with the world rather than our little worlds.

A new friend of ours, Heather from Hangry Pants – He Said, She Said: Food, Friends & Fun – posted about our bars so we sent her a few new flavors to sample. One thing lead to another and now she’s running a PROBAR® contest this week for her readers who’ve not tried the bars before.  Check it out!

Aside from the contest she has some incredible yummy looking food on her blog, often times with recipes and secrets. Take for example the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies she posted about this past weekend. Consider yourself warned, if you visit her site with an empty stomach you could suffer from a spike in hunger pains after seeing the food she seems to whip up on a whim.

At PROBAR® we consider ourselves lucky to have a lot of friends who blog and we are making friends each week so if you know a blogger who has posted about our bars, let us know and we’ll post about what they’re up to.

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