How do you Explain PROBAR®?

January 5, 2009

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Regardless of whatever we say PROBAR® is or isn’t intended for, I will continue to hear the question “Is it meal replacement or is it an energy bar?”  While my preferred response is “both” it seems that in our world of defined boundaries and our desire for exactness the reply “both” leaves too much wiggle room for some.

I mean, how do you explain your use of PROBAR® to others?

The truth is I eat a PROBAR® in some situations as a meal replacement when I’m on the go or simply don’t feel like eating a pile of food but still want a healthy 350-400 calories that a meal would provide.

When I have a bit of self control, which isn’t as often as one would expect, I will nibble on a bar eating 1/4 to 1/3 as a snack in between meals.

But when I’m backcountry skiing or cycling I will eat a bar as a great source of energy and not care about the calories or this or that many grams.

So the question again – “Is it meal replacement or is it an energy bar?”

After reading a recent review of the Koka Moka I’d reply with the reviewer – PROBAR® is food.

Check out the review at

Bars are food

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  1. I practically live off Probars when I am in training. My husband and I also ate Probars a lot while we were on our bike tour. I find that many times, I will eat 1/2 a bar while on our way snowboarding or snowshoeing and then the other half after. Is is both meal replacement and energy bar to me. Sometimes I’ll eat one for breakfast, and many times I will eat it during activity.

  2. Kendall

    @Heather – that’s good to hear that you use it for both a meal and for energy. Thanks for sharing

  3. I wrote a blog post here that I talked about this a little.