Is Organic Evaporated Cane Juice just lingo for Sugar?

August 9, 2007

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Organic Evaporated Cane JuiceIt’s fascinating to look at the many ingredients that are found inside a PROBAR®. If you look closely there are a few ingredients that are found in most if not all of the flavors and organic evaporated cane juice is one of them. It appears three times on the ingredients list on the Apple Cinnamon Crunch I ate this morning, each time as a sub ingredient of granola, granola mix and crisp rice.

But what exactly is it? Is the term Evaporated Cane Juice just a bunch of marketing fluff for sugar? I mean, look at the image of it in this post, it looks like sugar.

I’m no expert on the topic and after looking into this ingredient it depends on who you talk to. Sharon Harvey Rosenberg who writes The Frugal Duchess blog concluded it is indeed fluff for sugar citing evaporated cane juice is “verbal inflation”.

However, before you go crying foul, evaporated cane juice is not to be confused with the bleached and processed white sugar in your cupboard. Depending on the process used by the manufacturer the cane is dried and pressed from which the cane juice is then allowed to evaporate, leaving crystals. These crystals are often lightly rinsed but care is needed to remove the molasses. It may sound like white sugar but it’s not nearly as processed and often results in a light brown/tan color. According to Debra Lynn Dadd who has an excellent blog article about evaporate cane juice it is better than standard sugar due to it retaining “a natural balance of sucrose, glucose, and fructose instead of being straight sucrose.”

Being that the evaporated cane juice in a PROBAR® is organic this ensures a purer form going into your body. You can’t say that about a Snickers, can you?

Want to use evaporated cane juice in your next recipe vs. standard sugar? Check out these options on

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  1. sugar lover

    one vote for marketing fluff.