You Know It’s All About That BASE, ’bout that BASE

December 10, 2014

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Good protein bars are hard to come by these days. Dense, chalky, stiff and covered in bad chocolate. How are you supposed to eat that thing? We developed the BASE protein bar as a solution to this problem. Let’s look at the criteria we used in developing PROBAR BASE®.


Base SuperGreens


1. First and foremost, BASE needed to taste good. The market is full of bad tasting protein bars and the consumer has come to accept it. PROBAR BASE® has a unique blend of ingredients and texture that won’t taste like cardboard and are deliciously sweet and satisfying. Think of them as a healthier, plant-based, protein-rich alternative to a Snickers bar.

2. One of our core values is “Big Steps, Small Footprints” and in sticking with that value, the BASE bar needed to be vegan. We use plant-based ingredients coming from sustainable sources, reducing the impact on the earth and making a positive impact on our health and bodies.

3. Gluten-free is the way to be! Our plant-based ingredients contain no gluten and make this delicious protein bar available to a broader market. We are Certified Gluten-Free to help calm and fears or anxieties.




4. We have the right to know what is in our food and that is why we have chosen to get PROBAR BASE® and all of the PROBAR products Non-GMO Verified. It seems especially true with protein bars that companies are adding all sorts of ingredients in an attempt to add protein levels, “nutrients” and flavor into their bars. We want you to know we use real, whole ingredients in the bars we make, we don’t use our food as science experiments.

These are just a few of the principles we used to develop PROBAR BASE®, along with packing in 20g of protein, adding in chia and flax seeds and making sure it has 4-5g of fiber. We feel we have raised the protein bar standard and we hope you agree!

If you’re still unsure, see what Go Dairy Free has to say about the BASE bars. They liked them all so much they couldn’t choose a favorite!


Frosted PB1


Have you tried PROBAR BASE®? ¬†Why does it work for you?