Life on the Road…

March 18, 2006

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Almost a week has passed since merging onto I-15 en route to Los Angeles. We planned a float week to figure out life on the road since living in tight quarters and learning the basics about RV�ing is a really unique experience. Even the simplest of tasks take some getting used to (watching the batteries and propane levels, running the generator, fixing a leaky kitchen sink and making all the connections each time we move locations).

Each morning while the kids are feasting on a simple meal of oatmeal in their PJ�s, I settle into an air-conditioned, outdoor office in a lawn chair with a cell phone and wireless Internet card. If getting back to basics is what your after, we may have discovered your beckoning Mecca behind the wheel of a traveling home. We�ve already met some real characters in RV parks and truck stops while filling the monster tank of 140 gallons. We only have a few rules for the kids while traveling, one of which was inspired by our good friend (Ian) who traveled with us to Detroit to pick up the RV and train us on driving the big rig:

1. Stay in the RV @ truck stops (too many big tires and strangers)

2. Shoes off before entering.

3. Don�t leave without a big person.

Amidst the chaos, we made time for some much-needed fun with a couple visits to Disneyland. I�d rather unwind on the beach with my toes on the warm sand, but the smiles from our three girls made the miles of unforgiving concrete and sea of spring-break crowds completely worth it!

Now that we�re settling in for the long haul and getting closer to transforming our messy tool box of an RV into a Swiss Army knife organized home, I can�t wait to meet everyone along the way and introduce new friends to PROBAR!

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