Life on the Road with PROBAR®

September 8, 2008

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Luke, our man on the road, sent in this his first installment of “On the Road” as he drives the PROBAR® RV around the country spreading the good word.


First week of the PROBAR® Road-trip and I find myself winding down in Ellensburg, WA after driving from Boise where I’ve spent the past 6 days. I had a productive time in Boise, visiting local Coffee/Smoothie shops and spreading the word about PROBAR®.

Saturday I drove to an Idaho bouldering spot called Reynolds Creek. It seemed as though I had arrived in the middle of nowhere when I came across a Subaru with an ASANA sticker on it. “Yes!”, another climber in this seemingly deserted area. Turns out it was the Founder of ASANA climbing, Jamey Sproull.

Luke bouldering in Idaho

He was extremely knowledgable about the climbs and equally stoked to have someone to climb with! We climbed until our fingertips were shot and it was back to Boise to prepare for departure.

Asana climbing founder Jamey Sproull

For the past couple of days I had been nursing what I thought were “SPider-bites”. This morning I awoke to more “bites” and the old ones seemed to be getting worse!

Worried about these “bites” and there worsening condition I reflected back on the other night when I had wandered off to the outskirts of Boise in search of some bouldering and I bushwhacked through some Tall Bushes………Turns out what I thought was an Arachnid Mauling me was actually an oil called “Urushiol” which is found on Poison Ivy!

That said, I’m glad to be in Washington and excited to travel to Seattle for Coffeefest.

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  1. Luke, that sucks about the Poison Ivy bro, but Good luck and safe travels on the journeys ahead. Talk to ya soon!!!

  2. Hey Luke, welcome to Preston. Nice to meet you and Max tonight. Max enjoyed romping with Max and Red wants to get to know him too.

    I’ve never had poison ivy, but I still have the scar from a spider bite I got when I was a kid about sixty years ago.

    Watch out for those belligerent panhandlers!

  3. Monte Paul Evans

    Pro Bars ROCK !!! I am a catstrophe insurance adjuster responding to earthquake, hurricane, tornado, hail, fire, and ice storms, often working in areas with limited access to quality food and nourishment due to the damages from the events. Pro Bars are an excellent supplement to help sustain this old body during the working hours of the day. Convientent, nourishing, and tastes pretty damn good too. Being old school (as my son often reminds me) I lean to the original and of course the super slam.

    Anxious to hear more about Luke’s US Tour and the wonderful people he is sharing the Pro Bar story with.

    Remember Grasshopper, the wise man climbs with his eyes wide open.

  4. Kendall

    Spiders and poison ivy – what’s next?

    @Monte Paul Evans – Wow, thanks for the comment about how you’re using PROBAR. And don’t worry, some of us young “new school” types like the Original flavor too.

    We’ll have more of Luke’s Great Adventure soon

  5. Michele Baker

    Hi Luke!!! I am so excited for you and Amanda! I am sad she is leaving me, but you guys are going to have an amazing adventure!! ProBar rocks :) Good luck, I’ll be reading to see how you and Amanda are doing!! p.s. I love the banana probar..soooo good. yum :)