Local Food is Good Food

November 26, 2007

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I was reading the New York Times online today (thanks to the Treehugger.com tip) and saw a story about how a carrot farmer in New York came up with “Carrot Crunchers” and is trying to work with school districts to getting locally grown carrots into the schools of NYC. Infarmers carrots - locally grown some initial tests among kids the Carrot Crunchers were a hit. Who knew that kids would choose carrot “chips” as a snack?

With the popularity of farmer’s markets and the desire to connect with the food you eat by knowing where it came from you’d think this would be a slam dunk, right? More like hitting a half court buzzer beater.

“It’s like herding cats, but if we don’t start talking about it’s never going to happen,”said Mr. Ball, who hopes to persuade other carrot growers to take a risk and plant some carrots for the schools next spring.

“We spent the last 40 years getting out of the local food business so I figure it’s going to take a few years to turn that around.’

Eating healthy, raw and organic foods like carrots and getting kids hooked on them early in life in my opinion is one step in the direction of helping to heal this generation of the enormous wall they are up against when it comes to children being afflicted with what were commonly known as adult diseases one generation ago.

Add to that the reduction in fuel emissions and cost savings of buying local and it sounds like a no brainer. I hope the NYC schools and administrations see it that way.

—Via Treehugger.com

image credit - David Carter Brown

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