Bio-Fuel – PROBAR® Review in Climbing Magazine

Climbing Magazine February 2008

In the February 2008 issue of Climbing Magazine the following review was posted on page 66 in the “Just Out” gear review section:February 2008 Cover of Climbing Magazine

You’re out climbing and you need fuel, so you grab a bar. But an hour later, you’re boking again – you really needed a meal. PROBAR® Superfood Slam, a high-performance meal-replacement bar, fits the bill.

Made of organic super-greens and Acai berries, dark chocolate, and pure rasperries, the tasty Superfood Slam is a nutritional powerhouse filled with valuable antioxidants. It sticks to your ribs through a combination of carbohydrates both simple (quick energy bursts) and complet (fiber to maintain energy levels). The bar offers 350 big calories and, in a word, it’s “yummy.”

–Theresa Maruyama

February 2008 Climbing Magazine PROBAR write up