Adventurous energy with high-class taste

Living Healthy Utah May 2009

Living Healthy Utah recently posted a nice article about PROBAR®, highlighting it’s founder Art Eggertsen. In the article they spoke about the origins of PROBAR® and Art’s search for a bar that would satisfy the energy, taste and integrity demands that he held in high esteem.

Living Healthy Utah is a pioneer in promoting health professionals at the local level that also offers a health magazine and web portal for various communities around the country.

From the article:

Determined not to let another day of fresh powder go to waste due to hunger, Art took things into his own hands. He needed a better bar – one that not only tastes great, but packs a substantial nutritional punch. He went to his kitchen and started experimenting. He shared each new bar he created, and there were many, with his food’┬Écoaching clients. Soon they were begging for more.

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