Avid Golfer Writes About PROBAR®

Avid Golfer March 2009

As one who golfs it’s always amazed me at how unhealthy the food on the snack cart and even in the clubhouse is despite it being a game that can be long and tiring. So it comes as little surprise that golfers are taking notice of PROBAR®. All of my friends know who to ask for a whole food healthy snack when they’re golfing with me.

Last month Avid Golfer mentioned PROBAR® in their publication.  Here’s what they had to say.

A favorite meal-replacement bar by many outdoor recreation consumers, PROBAR® contains whole grains, fruits and nuts, and it designed to deliver lasting endurance and clean-burning energy for hours. Most importantly, PROBAR® tastes great and is available in 12 nutritious flavors, which includes five that are part of the Sweet & Savory collection. Available at REI, Whole Foods, and select coffee and smoothie shops nationwide.

Avid Golfer

Avid Golfer