Best of the Bars – What To Grab When You Need a Boost

Backpacker Magazine April 2008

Backpacker Magazine had this quick hit review of the Apple Cinnamon Crunch bar in their April 2008 issue. Always nice to get a plug or two from the folks at Backpacker.

What to grab when you need a boost
PROBAR® Apple Cinnamon Crunch – Best jack-of-all-trades

>>Taste – Dried apple, pineapple, and papaya give this bar a fruity flavor. And despite a hefty caloric load, its all-natural goodness helps it go down easier. “One of the few bars I could eat day after day,”said one tester. Plus: Whole-grain ingredients provide a quarter of your recommended daily fiber.

>>Energy – These Goliaths deliver almost twice the calories (and hence, twice the energy) of other bars here. A favorite peak bar, tasters munched half when they reached the summit and downed the rest just before starting the descent.
$3.29, weight 85g
Calories 370 Fat 19g
Carbs 47g Protein 9g

Backpacker Magazine April 2008 Cover shot