Blended, Not Baked, Whole Foods in PROBAR® Give Your Body What it Needs

CheckpointZERO August 2006

It’s not easy to stand out in the crowded space of energy bars, but Heber City, Utah-based PROBAR® ($3.00) has done just that. Instead of baking its bars and using chemical ingredients most of us can’t even pronounce, PROBAR® blends – not bakes – more than a dozen whole food ingredients to create its products. Its proprietary process retains nutrients and flavor that you just won’t get from other offerings.

PROBAR® may be more easily identified by what it’s not than what it is.

Unlike many of its counterparts, PROBAR® is not: difficult to digest, chock-full of ingredients you don’t need, or missing ingredients your body does need.

PROBAR® differentiates itself by being: easy to digest, because 70 percent of its ingredients are unprocessed and uncooked (AKA “raw”); lower in protein than other bars, because protein is the body’s last resort for energy; and finally, higher in fat, because once endurance athletes burn through their carbs, fat is where the energy’s at.

Jules Lambert, president of PROBAR,® said his product fills a demand that’s not yet met in the nutrition and energy bar market – meal replacement that actually tastes like a meal.

“Everyone is on the go these days, whether you’re a soccer mom or an adventure racer,” Lambert said. “We’ve all become occasional dashboard diners. If we miss a lunch, we eat in the car. The PROBAR® is in a convenient format, and there’s enough there to be truly satisfying.”

When testing out the bars at Outdoor Retailer, I found that much of the PROBAR’s satisfaction comes from its sheer size. It tips the scales at a whopping three ounces, which is twice the size of some energy bars. It’s also delicious, which led me to ask for a few extra samples.

PROBAR® flavors include Nutty Banana Boom, Apple Cinnamon Crunch, Cran Lemon Twister and Koka-Moka. They are available at hundreds of outdoor specialty shops throughout the U.S., including REI and Eastern Mountain Sports.

Meal replacement isn’t PROBAR’s only application. Its inclusion of more “good” fats makes it appropriate as fuel during endurance sports and energy, as well as fuel for recovery after long workouts or races.

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