Core and BOLT featured in New Hope 360

New Hope 360 June 2013

New Hope 360 reviews Core and BOLT:

This bar ought to capture the vegan audience since it’s entirely plant based and delivers an impressive 20 grams of protein. I also like that it doesn’t have that stale 3 Musketeers texture that other high-protein bars often suffer from. It’s more like a dense rice crispy treat.

Great flavor. Chia and flax seeds offer fiber and omegas. Coated in non-chalky chocolate. Though packaging doesn’t yet reflect it, Non-GMO Project Verified.

Meet Bolt, PROBAR’s newest addition to their line of natural on-the-go nutrition. Tasty USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified gummies are made from pronounceable ingredients like tapioca syrup and superfood fruit powders. Plus, each chew is packed with B vitamins, electrolytes and a touch of yerba mate-derived caffeine. The punchy packaging is sure to pop on store shelves, too.

In the field: These perfect, delicious little gems were a godsend on seemingly endless uphill climbs, and I found myself craving them throughout the ride. And, if I’m being completely honest, I just broke into a package while sitting at my desk writing this article. So. There’s that.