Fruition Review from

Bars Are Food 2009

The good folks at have recently put the new fruition bars through the taste tests and we couldn’t be more pleased at how well they faired with this fickle and somewhat tough crowd when it comes to snack and energy/food bars.

Last month the first one to go through the test was Blueberry fruition and here are some highlights from the review:

All of these fine ingredients blend together perfectly, delivering a consistency that’s slightly chewy, but sticky and soft, with just the right balance of fruit and grain flavors. Nutritionally, the bar has 160 calories, 3g of protein, 4g of fiber, calcium and iron, making it something that will certainly help satisfy your hunger and replenish you between meals. Packaging is a nice extension to the style that PROBAR® has been using on its flagship line, with illustrations of fruit that should whet just about anyone’s appetite.

Bottom line from was that they could “definitely eat [it] on a regular basis” to which we happily agree ourselves.  Be sure to check out to see the other fruition and PROBAR® reviews they’ve done.