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Golf Today March 2009

Yes, PROBAR® and Golf were meant for each other and after all these years they are finally coming together. Does this mean more golf meetings? I surely hope so.

I at least hope that course snack carts will start offering a healthy natural food snack like PROBAR®.

Golf Today Magazine

To that effect were were please whenGolf Today magazine highlighted PROBAR® in a review this past month.  In the issue, which can be found online (click that link above) they had this to say:

“Then there was the PROBAR®, which is one of the best health-energy bars ever produced in my long book of life…This bar has its roots, so to speak, from Mother Nature outside, rather than on the 126th Floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago.” 

Most important to me, of course, is taste, and I was there when the movement for health and energy bars started, and I’ve seen many of these health bars come adn go.”  This PROBAR®, in my book, is absolutely the best a golfer or anyone else would want within reach….”

That about sums it up.

Golf Today Magazine

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