Marisa Miller – Victoria Secret Model Loves PROBAR®

Fitness Magazine November 2007

In the November issue of Fitness Magazine, Victoria Secret super model Marisa Miller talks about fitness, workout, her diet, her body (saying “I like my butt and my boobs!”) and yes, that she is a fan of PROBAR®.Fitness Magazine - November 2007 featuring Marisa Miller

Ok, okay, so I may have taken her statement out of context but she does exclaim her appreciation for her figure and in her happy go lucky interview a real quality personality shines through. It seems like more and more PROBAR® customers share this same easy going and shining personality.

When asked about her eating and if as a model she follows a specific diet she replied:

I try not to eat carbs for dinner because I don’t like to sleep on a full stomach. In the morning I’ll have an English muffin or Ezekiel bread, which is all grains and legumes, with protein in it too. If I’m really good, I’ll make an omelet with vegetables. And cheese — I have to have cheese in there somewhere. For lunch and dinner, I eat protein, like tuna and a spinach salad. Last night, I grilled some ahi tuna with veggies. I don’t change my eating routine for the show, I just follow this plan a little more strictly. And I always carry a PROBAR® and some dried fruits and nuts in my bag in case I get hungry when I’m working.

Wow, talk about a celebrity plug. The interview is a great example of someone that is easy going, understands fitenss and nutrition, cares about the types of foods she eats and has embraced PROBAR® as a way to keep good calories in a diet particularly when the time for replacing a meal or just a heathly snack arises.

I’m curious to find out Marisa’s favorite flavor. My bet is Cran-Lemon Twister. What do you think her favorite flavor is?

I’m also interested in hearing if any of the blog readers do the same thing – carry a PROBAR® with you wherever you go so that you’ve got a great snack or meal on the go without sacrificing your diet. Chime in by commenting below.

Marisa Miller - Victoria Secret Model


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