PROBAR Taking on the Big Guys and Winning February 22, 2016

PROBAR was featured on, which highlighted our commitment to creating premium portable nutrition. Click here to read the full article.

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“Seldom does a smaller company come along which has a decidedly better product, and the perseverance needed to take on the so-called “big guys.” The nutrition bar market is dominated by a few major players, so it takes an exceptional product to break into it, and garner any market share. Utah-based PROBAR not only has the energy to create a stir in this highly competitive market, it also has the products to back up its bravado. The company prides itself on providing a line of healthy food choices based on plant-based, gluten free, non-GMO ingredients. Not only that, they make sure their products taste good, too. No ‘it tastes like cardboard but it’s good for me so I’ll eat it’ philosophy here – only delicious products that satisfy hunger pangs and fulfill energy requirements.

What a concept – a sports and nutrition bar that actually tastes great, provides an excellent source of energy, and stays true to its non-GMO and healthy, organic roots. It’s hard to keep making unhealthy choices when companies like PROBAR come along and offer such a great variety of food options that are so good to eat. With PROBAR’s commitment to quality, taste and sustainability, those ‘big guys’ should really start worrying.”