PROBAR®: The Whole Food Meal

Fitness Travel Gear 2008

fitnesstravelgear_logo1.gifI started eating a lot better when I started eating a PROBAR® for breakfast every morning.

At around 350-360 calories per bar, the 100% vegan PROBAR® is made out of nutritious, unprocessed foods, such as organic sunflower seeds, raw cashews, brown flax seed, oat bran, brazil nuts, and raw pumpkin seeds. I’d never be disciplined enough to combine all these healthy foods on my own. And I’ve never tasted a meal replacement bar I like as much as my PROBARs. Best of all, one bar keeps me energized for hours.

The bars are chewy and tasty, never dry or pasty, and come in seven scrumptious flavors. My favorite is Superfood Slam, which includes organic acai berries, raspberries, a variety of organic grasses (wheat, barely, oat, and alfalfa). Random chunks of delicious dark chocolate make this a special treat from my usual bowl of muesli and soy milk. Koka Moka is another favorite, featuring dark chocolate and organic raisins and coconut. I also love the Nutty Banana Boom which contains organic peanut butter and banana chips. Yum. Other flavors include: Apple Cinnamon Crunch, Art’s Original Blend, Cran-Lemon Twister, and Whole Berry Blast.

Personally, I’d love a case for Christmas. Each bar packs 9 grams of protein, 10-11 percent of the USRDA for iron, 47 grams of carbs, and a long-burning 19 grams of healthy fat. Active people on the go (and lazy people who don’t like preparing breakfast) who want to eat healthy foods, boost their fiber intake, and have a portable meal-on-the-go will love PROBARs.