The Top New Products and Trends for 2006-2007

Women's Health Letter July 2006

PROBAR®: Although this bar was designed for endurance athletes, it’s a great-tasting natural bar with chunks of whole grains, fruits, and nuts that my testers really liked. This bar
is twice a big as some of the others. Half a bar is plenty for a satisfying, crunchy snack
packed with large pieces of nuts and fruit. Its ingredients aren’t completely organic yet, but
PROBARs contain around 63% organic ingredients and the manufacturers are moving in
that direction. One of the company’s suppliers of granola uses a tiny amount of organic cane
sugar juice. The folks at PROBAR® want to replace this when they can. These bars come in berry blast, coffee, lemon, banana, apple,
and original flavors. (800-921-2294)