What’s Inside and What’s Not

Nutritional Outlook December 2008

Nutritional Outlook posted an article about PROBAR® written by Daniel Schatzman who is the Editor. In the article Daniel interviews PROBAR® founder Art Eggertsen about the history of PROBAR® and more importantly about the ingredients that are used to create the bars.

In one piece of the article, and despite the bar being vegan, Art summarized that the bars aren’t really targeted specifically to vegans.

Despite the company’s reliance on vegan ingredients, its bars aren’t niche products. “The target consumer for PROBAR® is anyone who needs more whole-food nutrition and anyone having difficulty finding time to stop for a meal,” Eggertsen says, claiming that “travelers, business professionals, law enforcement officers, firefighters, athletes, students, soccer moms, construction workers, kids, teenagers, and grandparents are all fans of the PROBAR®.”

He further dives into the nutritional aspects of the bars which even for someone like myself who has been with PROBAR® for a couple of years it was insightful to read.

Check out the rest of the article at NutritionalOutlook.com…it’s worth the 5 minutes it’ll take you to read it.