Women’s Health- When You Need a Meal

Women's Health September 2008

The Septemeber Issue of Women’s Health Letter included a very nice review of PROBAR® and how it helped a woman who was sick and needed good calories to replace lost energy but didn’t have the ability to make a full meal.

From the article are these excerpts:

“There are lots of “natural” energy bars on the market, but many of them are made with sugar.  And even raw sugar, feeds bacteria and cancer cells.  Most nutrition bars are lower in calories because they’re more like a snack than a complete meal.  And I haven’t eaten a healthy organic food bar that comes close to PROBAR® for flavor.”


“I like companies that listen to consumers, and the folks at PROBAR® do just that.  They received such good feedback about their Sweet and Savory line that they’ve promised to make more meal replacement bars with this difference.”

Click the images below to see and read the entire newsletter article.

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