Meet the Blogger: Kara

August 22, 2014

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Hi there!  I thought it was about time we meet.  My name is Kara and have been with PROBAR on the marketing team since 2011.  Here are 10 random facts about me:

10: I have been eating zucchini almost every day this past month because I planted 2 zucchini plants and they are growing like crazy!  There is no end in sight.

9: I hate feet, except my one year old boy’s toes……can’t get enough of them!

8: My happy place is Hurricane, Utah (google it)

7: The only thing that will get me out of bed before the sun is my road bike

6: Favorite PROBAR is Base Chocolate Mint (especially when its been sitting in the sun)

5: Best concert I’ve ever been to was Bon Iver at Red Butte Gardens

4: Summer is my favorite time of year.  No wait, make that Fall.  I take it back, Spring.  Anytime but winter!

3.  If I was stranded on a desert island with only one food? Pizza. Pizza. And more pizza.

2.  My King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy makes the ground rumble when she snores

1. Favorite part of working at PROBAR?  I can honestly say I stand behind this product 100%.  It’s the real deal folks!

meet the probar blogger kara

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