Michael Collins Joins the PROBAR® Athlete Team

June 13, 2007

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There’s an interesting sub-culture of runners who go well beyond what you conjure up in your mind when you think of the word runner. The local 5K or even half marathon won’t suffice. Even the marathon that all your runner friends have done is likely not enough.

For this type of runner running is like having an insatiable thirst but despite the tall glass of water before you there is no quenching available unless you have at least 5 gallons. Welcome to the world of ultra and extreme running and Michael Collins is one of the world’s finest at it. PROBAR® is proud to welcome Michael to the family.

Michael Collins is has an impressive running background from competing at Notre Dame as a scholarship athlete to winning the North Pole Marathon in 2006. Besides being an extreme runner he is an accomplished author with his work entitled The Keepers of Truth which received many accolades including a Booker Prize nomination and USA Today’s Editor’s Pick. Not bad for an Irishman.

Keep checking back as I interview Michael and find out why PROBAR® is his choice of energy for running.

Micheal is pictured below as he won the North Pole Marathon in 2006Michael Collins at the North Pole Marathon

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