Mt. Superior and the New Superfood Slam Bar

April 18, 2007

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I love surprises. Jules had mentioned the new Superfood Slam PROBAR® would be hitting shelves soon. So after arriving home from work the other night I was surprised to see that PROBAR’s newest flavor would be hitting my shelves sooner than I thought. Score!

Then my friend Derek called and had an objective in mind – Mt. Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. Spring had sprung and south facing slopes would be corning up nicely so we set our sights for the next morning. I figured it would be a great time to test out the Superfood Slam bar. Kendall Card and the Superfood Slam on Mt. Superior

I was surprised how little snow remains on Superior and as we climbed up the face I remembered that it was July 1, 2005 when I last climbed the nearly 3000′ face of Superior. On that occasion I was solo and headed for Country Lane (or Suicide Chute as it’s also known) and on that day there was still plenty of snow with a continuous line to the base. On this day in April of 2007 Country Lane is done, cliffing out with no option for a continuous descent.

Despite having gone on a bike ride the night before we made great time and topped out just below the summit in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The climbing was engaging with good firm snow for cramponing and some spicy steeps near the top. Part way up I opened up a Superfood Slam bar and ate about half of it. Wow! This is good stuff!

Since the packaging of PROBAR® is oversiszed I was able to easily stow the remainder of the bar for later. Upon arriving at the top of our line, Derek and I lounged for another 20 minutes, enjoying the views and company while waiting for the sun to soften the snow to “corn”. Kendall Card enjoys the Superfood Slam on Mt. Superior I downed the rest of the Superfood Slam bar and didn’t lack for more food. It hit the spot.

The descent was steep and engaging. My energy level was great and I felt up to the challenge. Once again, I’m sold on PROBAR’s ability to pack tons of good healthy food into an energy rich bar that satisfies.

Check out the video of our Superfood Slam powered ski descent in either standard resolution or in HD quality.

If you’ve got a story of you and your PROBAR®, we’d love to hear them. Stay tuned for more details!

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