PROBAR® – Saving Lives in the Artic

October 14, 2011

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Check out this awesome letter from Ernie Kovas a cinematographer and cameraman for National Geographic Television. PROBAR® was Ernie’s meal replacement in a tight squeeze; see what natural energy PROBAR® can give you!



I can’t thank you enough for your support this summer. As a cameraman my job is to stay alert and focused. Whether I was on the Mongolian steppe or above the Arctic Circle, I relied on PROBAR® to sustain myself during shoots that lasted several days in the harshest conditions.

One of the most intense moments of my career came this summer while filming arctic foxes in the fjords of Svalbard. During a marathon filming session, sea ice drifted into the fjord, trapping us in the uninhabited polar desert. After a futile attempt to push through the ice my crew and I were forced to retreat. With only a handful of PROBARs and what water we had left we took shelter in an old trappers lodge, taking turns filming and sleeping until the ice broke apart.

After 48 hours and several more escape attempts we made it back to base, exhausted, but alive and with some of the most exciting fox footage ever shot. Thank you again for your support!


Ernie Kovacs
Wildlife Cinematographer and cameraman for National Geographic Television


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