How to Have a Non-GMO Thanksgiving Meal

November 26, 2014

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Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, cranberries… the list goes on and on for the traditional Thanksgiving menu which could be packed with GMOs if you’re not careful. How can you keep your holiday GMO free? It isn’t easy, but let’s look at some simple tips to help you have a non-GMO Thanksgiving.

– Many packaged foods such as boxed stuffings, salad dressings, and canned cranberry sauces contain GMOs so go the extra mile and prepare these dishes by hand so you know where the ingredients are coming from. They’ll taste better too.


Photo by: Liz West


– Buying organic is a great way to avoid many common GMOs. If possible, buy local and know where your food is coming from.

– Look for the Non-GMO Verified logo while grocery shopping. Items can be non-GMO without being organic.


Non_GMO_Project_logo-300x186 (1)


– Cook with whole foods. Many GMOs are in processed/packaged foods so stick to the produce aisle. There are still GMOs in the produce aisle so make sure to buy organic produce when you can.

If all else fails, grab some PROBAR products. We are Non-GMO Project Verified across all product lines. We hope your Thanksgiving is warm, inviting and GMO-free!  Happy Thanksgiving!