Oh The Places You’ll Go – Dr. Suess

June 30, 2006

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Mom is keen on good books and looks for opportunities to share continued learning with her seven children through the insights of authors.

Four months ago this week, we packed what was left from our last move (only about 10 boxes and a closet of clothing) in preparation for the maiden voyage with our family to promote PROBAR®. While packing and cleaning, I came across a very special book my Mother and Father gifted the day I graduated from High School in Bellingham, WA.

Perhaps this gift foreshadowed the path my life would twist and turn; yet I never expected such a precise depiction of life from a wonderfully whimsical and playful children’s book. Dr. Seuss books are now a favorite of my three daughters and I love to share giggles and laughs while teaching through the whacky tales of the good Dr.

Every day brings impromptu experiences, further molding our ability to deal with both success and adversity.


Last week we visited one of the more beautiful areas of the country, Burlington, VT. The Northeast has been pounded by relentless moisture and the area we camped appeared particularly impacted as the soft ground expelled a soupy, brown mixture as we backed into our site. Four days passed and rains continued to tap-dance upon the thin metal roof protecting our belongings and us.

Dressed in a PROBAR® shirt, hat and loaded with bars for a special event at the Burlington Gear Exchange, I turned over the ignition in the car and left the RV. Just before exiting the campground, I stopped by the office to confirm our request for a late departure. Unfortunately, they mistakenly booked a new camper in our site, arriving in just an hour. I headed back to the RV with the bad news regarding our required departure from the current site. We’ve learned to expect everything, so this was not unusual. After a quick clean up inside, the hydraulic leveling jacks came up and the diesel went to work. One problem, the rear tires displaced the surrounding soggy earth, burying all four tires in 4 inches of mud.

5 or 6 men showed up moments later with planks and instructions to raise the RV on the jacks as high as possible. They went to work laying a double think layer of plywood, creating a path for our safe exit to solid ground. Just over an hour later the kind men completed the extraction with success.

After a brief visit to BGE, I stopped in to the local Eastern Mountain Sports to find a very cool remodel under way. I started handing out bars to staff and was introduced to the store manager, Brandon K. Although Brandon and I had never met in person, he was the buyer responsible for bringing PROBAR® in the EMS fold as a former corporate buyer. It was great to have another serendipitous meeting with a friend who helped PROBAR® into its first national account!

In my wildest dreams I never anticipated meeting such wonderful people during the journey, passing through and staying in interesting communities along the way, or spending a morning digging our home from sinking mud while trying to make it out to work.


Today is your day!

You’re off to Great Places!

You’re off and away!

~Dr. Seuss (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)

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