Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

October 4, 2007

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Organic brown sesame seeds? The organic part I figured but brown? My only interaction with sesame seeds had been on the top of a hamburger bun or sprinkled on some sushi. I had never seen any brown sesame seeds but according to the ingredients list on the Koka Moka PROBAR® (my recent favorite flavor) it’s there.

According to Wikipedia sesame seeds “come in a variety of colors, from cream-white to charcoal-black” so brown seems to be right in the middle of the road.

Why Sesame Seeds?

Sesame seeds contain healthy poly-unsaturated fats which are great sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fats which your body cannot produce. These essential fats play a crucial role in brain function, in healthy cell development and in the normal growth and development of your body.

The American Heart Association states that “Polyunsaturated fats can help reduce the cholesterol levels in your blood and lower your risk of heart disease.”

Heating the sesame seeds will often eliminate the poly-unsaturated fats lending reason to why the raw seeds found in a PROBAR® are beneficial to your health.

When I was speaking with Dave Kemp, PROBAR® production manager, he told me that the sesame seeds found in PROBAR® originate from South America because seeds from other parts of the world tend to be flat vs nice and plump which is one of the strict criteria we set for this ingredient.

Even though sesame seeds are pretty low on the ingredient list it still has to meet the same strict standards as the fruit and nut mix which is right near the top of the list.

Organic Brown Sesame Seeds

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