Osprey Bikes to Work Fueled by PROBAR®

August 10, 2009

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We love to support friends in their efforts to better themselves and the world around us so when Osprey Packs, makers of the world’s finest packs, approached us to support their Colorado Bike to Work Day initiative we were in all the way.

The crew at Osprey ate well on their bike to work day with PROBAR® to fuel the ride. From Osprey:

Osprey had 25 of 28 people choose to ride their bikes on this day logging 195 total miles and preventing 210 pounds of CO2 from making its way into the earth’s atmosphere. Pair this with the fact that of these 25 people, 23 also chose to ride home bringing the grand total of the day to 351 non motorized miles logged for a total of 379 lbs. of CO2 eliminated from the earth’s atmosphere. A stellar effort by Osprey riders and big, BIG thanks to you for your support!


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