Brittany Mumma

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Eagle River, Alaska

Focus: Photography & Cinematography

Growing up in the mountains of Alaska, Brittany developed a passion for adventure early on. After graduating from Boston College, Mumma made the move to commercial film and photography. Ten years later, Brittany is a National Geographic published photographer and cinematographer with her photography appearing in national and international publications and her work with brands and television networks delivering high quality content across media platforms globally.

Brittany’s creative abilities and eagerness to collaborate, produce results in difficult environments and has led successful projects with National Geographic, Range Rover, The North Face, and DJI among many others. Mumma believes in the power of media and the ability to create positive change while delivering messages that are authentic and on target for the brands and clients she works with.


Food is fuel for your body. If you’re not feeding the machine high quality products, you simply can’t perform. Over the years, I have used a lot of different sport nutrition brands and PROBAR’s organic, plant based, gluten free products are the only ones I’ve found that taste good and are healthy.

When Not Adventuring

Adventuring is part of my daily life. Whether on a major expedition filming or in my backyard mountains, being outside is a daily activity.


My goals are to be able to remain in the outdoors, doing the things I love and following my dreams. You can always be better.

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