Jessie Diggins

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Minnesota

Focus: Skiing

I was on skis before I could walk, thanks to my wonderful and active parents who didn’t mind having a small creature in their ski backpack pulling on their hair and yelling “FASTER”!!! We joined the Minnesota Youth Ski League as a family and spent every Sunday afternoon all winter long playing games and learning how to ski.

Now, I’m a full time cross country ski racer on the US National Team, racing the World Cup circuit around Europe from November-March. I’m a 2x Olympian, and a 2018 Gold Medalist in the Team Sprint with Kikkan Randall.

I really enjoy traveling and the experience of seeing new places and racing around the world. But most of all, what I love about skiing is the chance to push my body to the limit, to be training outside on beautiful trails, and the chance to find something new about myself with every race!


I love fueling my body for races and training with whole ingredients that I can actually pronounce! I chose ProBar because I like their organic, nutritionally satisfying products that help me in a wide range of fueling needs while training.

When Not Adventuring

I love adrenaline-filled adventures like cliff jumping, bungee jumping and skydiving. Reading a lot of books on the road is fun and so is camping, canoeing, gardening, and creative projects.


This year, I’m focusing on the 2019 World Championships in Seefeld, Austria, next February! This season includes a lot of tour events, so my goal is to be consistently strong across sprint and distance events, in both techniques. 

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