John Perry

PROBAR® Ambassador

From: Bronx, NY

Focus: Being a Rad Dad, Splitboarding, Mountain Biking, and Running

I've never been great at any one thing in my entire life. I wasn't blessed with that kind of talent. Where I excel is working harder than everyone else around me and being mentally tough. I ran the NYC marathon in 2017 with a broken ankle, could barely walk or move my ankle the night before and powered through it in freezing cold rain. I have now completed 10 marathons to date. I've spent my entire life traveling, splitboarding, mountain biking and running marathons around the world. I'm getting better with age and keep exploring new disciplines. My goal is to inspire people to get outside and enjoy BIG adventures with an everyday attitude, breaking down the barrier that adventure is some great esoteric idea only reserved for certain types of people. It's not, it's for everyone, whenever you can fit it in and it can happen anywhere!


I love PROBAR, I have been eating them for years and they have roots in Park City. The best part is that their values and ingredients are aligned with my goals and diet. PROBAR uses all natural, whole food, plant-based, organic and non-GMO ingredients. When I am out on a mission I want to know that I am going to have fuel system that gives me energy to get through the day and not have to worry about compromising on taste or ingredients that fit it in a day pack. PROBAR does all that for me.

When Not Adventuring

I am the Creative Director for Creminelli, married to my high school sweet heart, and we have two beautiful children. We all love to travel, eat good food and get creative together.


I want to be the best dad in the world to my son, Johnny and daughter, Maeve. Part of the reason for my active lifestyle is to ensure that I stay in shape to share this world with them. I want to be able to snowboard, skateboard, climb, and mountain with them at THIS LEVEL, when I am 40, 50, 60...100. I also want to inspire other parents to stay active and do BIG adventures with their kids. There's absolutely no reason to slow down or to "wait" until they're older. Pushing something off til tomorrow is the best way to make sure it never happens today..

Your favorite PROBAR Flavor:

Superfood Slam Meal Bar and Bolt Berry Blast

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